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About MEHM Clothing Company


MEHM Clothing Co is a family of brands including Koan, Rock Roll n Soul, English Heroes & MEHM. We bring you high quality, fashion-forward clothing to suit your taste for affordable luxury fashions.
Our expert tailors work only with the highest quality materials available today.  Each and every time we sew a label into one of our products, we are making a commitment to our customers, our people and the MEHM name. Owners Joe and Jim Mehm shown below.
Owner Joe Mehm and his youngest child.Jim Mehm

MEHM is a brand with a simple mission and objective. To design, market and distribute an authentic premium clothing brand that's appealing to discerning customers. Customers looking for superior quality at an affordable price.

The MEHM Clothing Co was built on the core strengths of product design, close relationships with musicians, celebrities, and athletes. We look forward to having you become a part of the MEHM family. We will bring a new generation along with the old together across the globe and put a little stylish fashion into everyone's soul.

The MEHM family has been in the clothing / apparel industry since 1990, getting their start in Los Angeles, CA. Our family has also worked with some of the top brands over the years. During the early years up through early 2000's they focused on the wholesale segment of the industry and also ran retail clothing stores in various malls along the East Coast. With a strong demand for some of our clothing designs we decided to expand into the online retail world, hoping to offer our quality clothing to a larger audience. 

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