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K017 — Slim Crew T-Shirt in Sky Blue

Dreamy, Athletic Fit Crew Neck T



We get the idea that our lightweight Supima Crew Neck Tee is something very close to perfection from the females of all ages wearing and loving them. We will inevitably hear, "I love this T Shirt, I love the way it feels — I never want to take it off, I even sleep in it!"

They also love the product's durability. All of our core Supima Cotton products are spun with Modal, a silky smooth stabilizing yarn that keeps our Tee's, Tank's & Camisoles in superb shape for the long run. 

These combined factors, wearability and durability, are the essence of our company motto — Made For Daily Use And Constant Pleasure! 

Because people always tell us they do, because we are certain you will too. 


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