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K160 — Trippy Flag A-Line T-Shirt

Recycled A Line T In Trippy American Flag



Trippy Flag — our tribute to lateral thinking Americans. 


** Editors note on Supima Cotton — Only 3% of the annual cotton produced in the United States is Pima or Supima. It can only be grown in select areas where the cotton is fully irrigated and benefits from a longer growing season in a hot, dry climate.

Properties of the fabric allow it to have the highest tensile strength available, up to 50% stronger than other cotton varieties. Pima is used to spin finer count yarns, which can be knitted or woven into softer, finer and more luxurious fabrics. Supima® branded fabrics and textiles have all the desirable characteristics of cotton; comfort, absorbency, easy care, freedom from static cling. Plus, they have the added qualities of better strength, fineness of hand, luster and silkiness.



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