Project Resource Management for Designers

If you’re searching for ways to improve time management and better way of allocating your limited resources then maybe it’s time to talk about a software solution that can save you both time AND money.

So, what’s a resource management system and how can it help? I’ll make a list of a few time and money saving ideas below:

  • Scheduling and events calendar to organize all your to-do’s in one place so you don’t have post-it notes laying all over the place.
  • Task management tools allowing you to organize all the small things like repairs, deliveries, follow-up service calls, etc.
  • Messaging system that’s integrated with your project tools so all communication between clients, vendors and other team members will never be missed again.
  • Integrated 2-way email communications allowing you the convenience of viewing and replying to all business emails from right there inside of your business system.
  • Project management “folder” of sorts that contains every moving part for any project you may be working on so nothing is forgotten or left behind.
  • Team member tools allowing other staff members to work form their own login and check their tasks as soon as they log in so they never miss a to-do item either.

If you don’t have some of the tools mentioned above and tired of pulling your hair out then maybe it’s time to call MEHM Software Co. and let them explain how their cloud-based project and resource management system can make life fun again. 🙂 904-770-5665

Project Resource and Management Done Right!


(1) Client: Always start with choosing a client. Whether it’s adding a new one of choosing from an existing client.

(2) Project: The Project is the all-in-one location to store every aspect of the job you are working on.

(3) Proposal: Every project should have at least one proposal. That’s how you make your money 🙂

(4) Procurement: This is the process of coordinating all the parts of the project like ordering products, scheduling services, etc.

(5) Tracking: At this point you will need to make sure you take care of all items that required shipping and follow the flow to be sure they are being received or delivered to the job site.

(6) Invoicing: Once the products have been delivery/installed or the services have been completed you are now ready to invoice your client.

(7) Reporting: When a project has been completed and paid it is now ready to be viewed in your sales reports, etc.

(8) Accounting: At this point you choose to export all the project data to your accounting system of choice. It may be Quickbooks Online, Desktop, MYOB, Xero, etc.

Best Software solution for Window Covering Dealers

If you sell custom window coverings you owe it to yourself to check out the Windowware module in MEHM Software. Just try it one time and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

The Windowware module is one of the most amazing features added to the MEHM Software system. It takes all the guesswork out of custom window treatment quotes and does it in record time!

It’s also worth noting the MEHM Software is the ONLY project management system in the world that can offer full project management for Interior Designers AND custom window covering quotes – all in one system and all placed into a single proposal if desired.

Here are some of the key features of the Windowware module:

  • Create measure sheets for jobs that can be accessed from anywhere
  • Includes most of the top National window covering brands
  • All product and option pricing is automatically calculated
  • Fast and easy comparison quotes done in seconds, not hours
  • Never deal with redundant entry or mistakes, saving time and money
  • Grant access to subcontractors to create or update measure sheets

Bottom line, if you sell any type of window treatments and you’re tired of hand quoting, redundant typing of line item information and manual ordering from vendors then pick up the phone and call MEHM Software today! 904-770-5665

Business Management Tools

What tools are needed to run the back end of your business? What does your accountant need? What tools help boost your bottom line profits?

If you’re like most businesses, you’re using a patchwork of various apps and spreadsheets and seem to be spending more time trying to organize your job that getting it done. Not much fun either, eh?

Running an Interior Design business should be a fun a rewarding experience. Not bogged down with redundant tasks, mistakes and paperwork. So, let’s address what we feel are some of the most important tools to run your design biz and how to maybe, just maybe, get them ALL working from inside of a single cloud-based solution.

The Shortlist of Features ~

  • Google Calendar integrations coupled up with a build-in calendar program
  • Quickbooks – either online or desktop version for accounting
  • Maintain Proposals and Invoices in a single organized system
  • Aging Reports for receivables on project invoices
  • Time Billing Reports for all your staff / team members
  • Integrated Merchant Acct to handle client payments efficiently
  • Product inventory management details and reports

Would you like to add some suggestions to this article? Please feel free to post some suggestions below. You can also give us a call to chat: 904-770-5665.

Apps for Managing Design Projects

There are many apps available that can do most all the tasks you may require on a daily basis but is it really worth the time jumping from app to app? Do you constantly feel like you forgot a task or appointment or maybe forgot to get something ordered that needed to be delivered by now?

What if your phone crashes or gets lost, can you still access your data?

What if there was a cloud-based system that can not only handle all the individual tasks you work on daily but that was available to work from any device and any location?

Well, we have some great news! MEHM Software Co. offers a super fast, cloud-based, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that can do it all! You can work from your phone, laptop, tablet, desktop. You can work from home, the office, while on vacation or wherever. You will always have ALL of your project data, client data, etc at your fingertips, at a moments notice. And you never have to worry about things getting lost or crashing. All you data is fully protected and saved in the cloud.

But don’t take out word for it, take it for a test drive yourself by signing up today. You can view the software features here: or give us a call at 904-770-5665.

Best Project Management Tools

Let’s discuss some of the best tools for running your design business. I’ll start by adding a list of tools I like and then we let others comment on what they consider a required feature to successfully run a Interior Design firm or retail Window Coverings company.

OK, so here’s my list in no particular order…

  • Calendar for scheduling events, appointments, tasks, etc
  • Tasks Manager to record the flow of all ongoing things to do
  • Messaging System for two-way communication between clients, vendors and other teak members
  • Team Member User Roles – giving owns full control over who has access to what
  • Time Billing feature with easy access to a stop watch
  • Clients section to add and maintain information on all your clients
  • Vendor section to add and maintain info on all your vendors / manufacturers
  • Project Management Dashboard where all project data is stored making for a one stop place for everything related to a given project
  • Custom Dashboard where you can see any important updates or tasks
  • Two-way email communication so you don’t have to leave system to manage that aspect of your business
  • Products database allowing each designer account to curate and save their own database of products and services they use on a regular basis
  • Proposal, Invoice and Purchase Orders tools so you can manage your whole business
  • Procurement tools to manage all ordering, receiving, delivering and installing
  • Mood Boards and Tear Sheets for clients
  • Client Portals that allow clients direct access to their own personal dashboard to view and sign proposals, invoices, job photos, mood boards, print tear sheets, etc

Any thoughts? Ideas for more features? Please share them with us. 🙂