Free Interior Design Project Tracking Software

If you’re an Interior Designer who finds tracking the progress of projects is out of control, and have been running around with a bunch of apps and spreadsheets, it’s time to find a way to save your sanity.

In a perfect world, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see every aspect of your project in a single app on a single device? What if there was such a solution? What would you be willing to pay per month to use it?

Well, we think we have the answer you’ve been searching for…

It’s time to take this system for a test drive! See: It’s the all new project management system built by MEHM Software Co and it’s 100% free! Forever!

You heard right, it’s a total project management and tracking software solution that will never cost you a dime. You’re able to add an unlimited number of team members, unlimited projects and unlimited proposals and never have to pay for any of it.

So, how can MEHM offer their software for free? It’s simple. MEHM is much more than a project tracking solution. It’s also includes a comprehensive window coverings quotation module that allows designers to create quotes for things like draperies, blinds, shades and shutters. And MEHM is the direct distributor of those products, allowing them to earn a small cut from vendors to offer their products.

It’s time to take this system for a test drive! Get it here:

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