Business Management Tools

What tools are needed to run the back end of your business? What does your accountant need? What tools help boost your bottom line profits?

If you’re like most businesses, you’re using a patchwork of various apps and spreadsheets and seem to be spending more time trying to organize your job that getting it done. Not much fun either, eh?

Running an Interior Design business should be a fun a rewarding experience. Not bogged down with redundant tasks, mistakes and paperwork. So, let’s address what we feel are some of the most important tools to run your design biz and how to maybe, just maybe, get them ALL working from inside of a single cloud-based solution.

The Shortlist of Features ~

  • Google Calendar integrations coupled up with a build-in calendar program
  • Quickbooks – either online or desktop version for accounting
  • Maintain Proposals and Invoices in a single organized system
  • Aging Reports for receivables on project invoices
  • Time Billing Reports for all your staff / team members
  • Integrated Merchant Acct to handle client payments efficiently
  • Product inventory management details and reports

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