Creating an Ideas Board / Mood Board for Clients

MEHM Software Co has been developing their new Mood Board for a few months now and it’s getting ready to launch in the next couple weeks. We decided to call it an Ideas Board since it’s all about collecting ideas to share with your client.

Some of the great features to be added will include a visual dashboard showing all the rooms/areas you created for a client, grid view of all the items and services entered on a board along with the ability to chat through our built-in messaging system, show items details, attach docs like drawings and floor plans and more.

It’s a great place to gather all of your ideas along with info from the client. You can also track the budget for each board and allow clients to approve / decline items and service per item on any board – right form their client portal. Once approved it’s just a few simple clicks to drop it in a new proposal.

See more details at:

Best Project Management Tools

Let’s discuss some of the best tools for running your design business. I’ll start by adding a list of tools I like and then we let others comment on what they consider a required feature to successfully run a Interior Design firm or retail Window Coverings company.

OK, so here’s my list in no particular order…

  • Calendar for scheduling events, appointments, tasks, etc
  • Tasks Manager to record the flow of all ongoing things to do
  • Messaging System for two-way communication between clients, vendors and other teak members
  • Team Member User Roles – giving owns full control over who has access to what
  • Time Billing feature with easy access to a stop watch
  • Clients section to add and maintain information on all your clients
  • Vendor section to add and maintain info on all your vendors / manufacturers
  • Project Management Dashboard where all project data is stored making for a one stop place for everything related to a given project
  • Custom Dashboard where you can see any important updates or tasks
  • Two-way email communication so you don’t have to leave system to manage that aspect of your business
  • Products database allowing each designer account to curate and save their own database of products and services they use on a regular basis
  • Proposal, Invoice and Purchase Orders tools so you can manage your whole business
  • Procurement tools to manage all ordering, receiving, delivering and installing
  • Mood Boards and Tear Sheets for clients
  • Client Portals that allow clients direct access to their own personal dashboard to view and sign proposals, invoices, job photos, mood boards, print tear sheets, etc

Any thoughts? Ideas for more features? Please share them with us. 🙂