Project Resource Management for Designers

If you’re searching for ways to improve time management and better way of allocating your limited resources then maybe it’s time to talk about a software solution that can save you both time AND money.

So, what’s a resource management system and how can it help? I’ll make a list of a few time and money saving ideas below:

  • Scheduling and events calendar to organize all your to-do’s in one place so you don’t have post-it notes laying all over the place.
  • Task management tools allowing you to organize all the small things like repairs, deliveries, follow-up service calls, etc.
  • Messaging system that’s integrated with your project tools so all communication between clients, vendors and other team members will never be missed again.
  • Integrated 2-way email communications allowing you the convenience of viewing and replying to all business emails from right there inside of your business system.
  • Project management “folder” of sorts that contains every moving part for any project you may be working on so nothing is forgotten or left behind.
  • Team member tools allowing other staff members to work form their own login and check their tasks as soon as they log in so they never miss a to-do item either.

If you don’t have some of the tools mentioned above and tired of pulling your hair out then maybe it’s time to call MEHM Software Co. and let them explain how their cloud-based project and resource management system can make life fun again. 🙂 904-770-5665

Project Resource and Management Done Right!