(1) Client: Always start with choosing a client. Whether it’s adding a new one of choosing from an existing client.

(2) Project: The Project is the all-in-one location to store every aspect of the job you are working on.

(3) Proposal: Every project should have at least one proposal. That’s how you make your money 🙂

(4) Procurement: This is the process of coordinating all the parts of the project like ordering products, scheduling services, etc.

(5) Tracking: At this point you will need to make sure you take care of all items that required shipping and follow the flow to be sure they are being received or delivered to the job site.

(6) Invoicing: Once the products have been delivery/installed or the services have been completed you are now ready to invoice your client.

(7) Reporting: When a project has been completed and paid it is now ready to be viewed in your sales reports, etc.

(8) Accounting: At this point you choose to export all the project data to your accounting system of choice. It may be Quickbooks Online, Desktop, MYOB, Xero, etc.